Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Creative Space/ Studio

Take a look inside my Jewelry Studio, It's my dinning room.. Yup! I claimed it since our family doesn't use it, we use the kitchen table to eat meals..  My work table is very roomy and gives me ample space to have everything I need within my reach.. My husband custom made my table for me to fit my needs.  It has eight large open shelve underneath that I use to store my beads and metals...

I also use this space to take pictures of my jewelry designs.. For my jewelry photography I bought a jewelry photo kit, a very simple photographic lighting system which provides an ideal set-up using an EZcube Light Box..  I'm always trying to improve my pictures with props and backgrounds, I always find some tweaking to be done.

In case your wondering what type of camera I use for my photographs, I use a Canon, Digital Rebel XTi EOS with a Macro Lens +1,  58mm..

Metalworking is a technique I have been familiarizing myself with..  Soldering, forming metals and letter stamping are just stepping stones to creating a wide variety of designs..  Here's a look at some tools that I work with..

Meet my baby girl Bella.  When I'm working in my studio Bella can always be found laying in her bed right by my side..  Life is Precious <3

 I hope you enjoy the pics. :)